Your health is everything. At Linked Athletics, we utilize revolutionary health and wellness concepts and training paradigm to build an overall stronger you. Regardless of age, gender or skill, our programs help you acheive your personal and competitive goals. We offer our clients more than just a workout... we offer a lifestyle.

Meet Our Coaches


Linked Athletics is the only facility in Metro Atlanta that offers complete lifestyle transformation and community support program. Introducing Linked Lifestyle - a unique goal-oriented program dedicated to create a healthier and stronger you. Regardless of your age, gender or skill level, all our clients will receive the same attention and dynamic program to enhance his or her life.

  • Worldwide Test & Proven Pro Training Program

    The Linked methodology is based in programing utilized by elite athletes around the world, including Olympic and professional athletes.

  • Chiropractic Care

    Chiropractic addresses the spine as an interface in order to promote brain-body communication for optimal health and performance.

  • Systematic Recovery

    Linked coaches place a heavy emphasis on recovery. The athlete who masters proper recovery creates the greatest potential for elite competition.

  • True Sports Performance Camps

    We offer true sports performance camps for all ages and skills. For more camp information, please visit our camp website at

  • Nutritional Guidance & 100% Organic Supplements

    Nutrition is an enormous piece for health, vitality, and performance. Here at Linked, we will help guide you to eating better. Standard Process is a wholefood organic supplement company that only sells through licensed professionals. They are an American company, with their farm and factory being located in Wisconsin, and have been providing the highest quality supplements for almost a century.

  • TraXtion - Online Fitness Goal Tracking

    Track your progress, keep your stats, stay in touch with our fitness community and watch as you become a stronger more powerful you.

  • Community Support Program

    We pride ourselves on our community's support for one another. The Linked family builds positive support and accountibility to help you become healthier.

  • Weight Loss Program

    This is a selective program for people trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. For more information about our weight loss program, visit our weight loss program website at


Be a stronger you. Linked Athletics Performance Training brings out the athlete in everyone. Regardless of your age, gender, sport or ability, you can build strength and power in a safe, progressive and purposeful training environment. This is more than just exercise - this is training. Keep doing what you love to do. Play better, hike further, hit the long ball or simply enjoy the benefits of living a healthy strong life.


  • Discover Athleticism While Building Strength & Power
  • Train Like an Athlete
  • Train with Purpose
  • Training Based on Life Movement
  • Function Better, Feel Better, Live Better


  • Develop New Strength & Power
  • Mobility & Stabilizaiton
  • Do More Throughout the Day
  • Ease Pain
  • Add Things To Your "To-Do" List
  • Get More Out of Your Age


  • Build Strength, Power, Deceleration, Core, Balance, Speed, Agility, Quickness & Reactivity
  • Develop Crucial Mechanics That Help Prevent Injury
  • Enhance Game Play At All Levels
  • Train Competitively Like Professional, Collegiate and Olympic Athletes


  • Complete Custom Off-Season Training Program
  • Train Competitively
  • Training System Utilized By Hundreds of Professional & Olympics Athletes
  • Develop Usable Strength & Power
  • Create Unrivaled Balance, Agility & Speed


When it comes to weight loss, we have all tried the same routine - buy an online workout DVD, try the latest diet craze and lose a little weight but gain it right back. We understand the stress and difficulties of trying to cut down pounds. That's why we have created the Linked Lifestyle, a methodology that gets you a healthier life. It is a commitment beyond diet and exercise, beyond pop culture fads. This is a new life for you.

  • 90-Day Lifestyle Change Program

    For 3 months, you will commit to a lifestyle change. This means you will be eating different, working different and thinking different. It takes this amount of time to break any bad habits. This program is developed specific to you.

  • Coached All The Way Through

    You will be coached by professional performance coaches to ensure that you are going in the right direction.

  • Lifestyle Assessment with Goal Driven Results

    We assess your current lifestyle situation because not everyone is in the same boat. We figure out where you want to be and develop periodized goals that we help you work toward.

  • Linked Lifestyle Counseling utilizing our DERAN® System

    The Linked Lifestyle encompasses 5 fundamental components: Diet, Exercise, Recovery, Adaptation and Neurology. Unfortunately, weight loss is not instantaneous and easy. We will work hard to make sure you are staying on track with this program.

  • Community Support through Participants

    The hardest part is committing alone. We want you to know that there is a community at Linked Athletics that is going through the same program and facing similar challenges and that you can rely on them to get the results you earn.




The daily physical stresses of being a service member, police officer, firefighter or EMT takes extreme dedication and determination. We offer a complete discounted program for any of these individuals looking to be ready for the fight. You will be pushed to your physical limits through our specific tactical athlete training program.

  • Periodized Tactical Athlete Training
  • Knowledgeable, Experienced Coaches
  • Be Ready For The Fight
  • Unlimited Training Sessions
  • Individual Sessions Available



Experience the most complete hockey training and education in Georgia lead by pro hockey player Scott Howe. You will undergo performance training the same as the Gwinnett Gladiators as well as tiered skills training so you can develop your best game from the ground up. You will learn stick handling, passing, shooting, puck control, and offensive, defensive and neutral zone knowledge.

  • Progressive Tier Training System
  • Knowledgeable, Experienced Coaches
  • Learn At Your Pace and Skill Level
  • All Ages Welcome
  • Summer Camp Available
  • 6-Week Packaged Sessions
  • Individual Sessions Available



We are continuing to provide the best services available to our variety of clients. Regardless of your sport, gender, age or skill level, we are working to develop programs that apply to you. Here are a few programs we are working on:

  • Soccer Skills Program
  • Baseball Skills Program
  • Outdoor Skills Program


I absolutely love Linked Athletics. I just did a hydrostatic weigh in this morning. I went to the same company I have used before so I could compare my last test to this one. In February 2011 I was at a 42.5% body fat. Today I am at 27.8%. I owe this all to Linked Athletics! Thank you so much!!!!

Cheryl K.
Age 57

Linked offers our team peak conditioning. The guys are getting everything they need to be ready whether it is a heavier workload or a lighter workout. The players have a great advantage heading into games. I have noticed the conditioning and strength levels are much higher than other teams. Our injuries are minimal compared to the rest of the ECHL. I am very confident in Linked Athletics and use them as a recruiting tool to attract NHL prospects, rising players and free agents. We are on our second year with Linked and the player feedback has been outstanding. They feel that they are getting what they need. We especially saw this when returning players asked about Linked for the upcoming season. I think that speaks volumes for what Linked does here and what they mean to this organization.

Rick Emmett
ECHL Gwinnett Gladiators Head Coach

I've been a member of many different gyms. Most of them have been so large and busy that no one even knows or cares whether or not you show up. Linked is the exact opposite - the coaches truly care about you and they know if you skip a workout. I go consistently because I want to be there. For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to exercising. I'm motivated by results, and I started to see my body changing within the first few weeks of joining Linked. While it's awesome that I've lost fat and gained muscle and dropped a pant size, I've discovered that I'm even more motivated by the changes in how I feel - I have more energy, I'm happier and more positive, more confident, and feel healthy and strong. Joining Linked was the best decision I ever made for my health... I only wish I had joined sooner!

Meagan T.
Age 33


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